10 Relationship Rules For Lovers

There are factors in a relationship that influences how the relationship will turn out. In order to avoid the negative factors, a relationship should be guided by rules. Yes, there are certain rules that guide a relationship and we are going to discuss the top 10 relationship rule for lovers.

Respect Each Other Space

It’s very good to spend time with your partner, and for some people, they want to always be with their partner especially when the relationship is new. Giving your partner space will give you time to miss each other and appreciate the time you spend together. It also gives you time for personal growth.

Be Honest To Your Partner

Honesty is very important in a relationship because t creates a base to be understood and trust. When you tell your partner the truth about everything, and they found out it is the truth, they will always trust you even in things without proof. Be honest with your feelings too, if you are in a bad mood say it, if you are wronged say it. Honesty will bring more trust, and trust is important in a relationship.

Don’t Discuss Your Partner Flaws With Friends

Discussing your partner flaws with your friends will bring disrespect to your partner and to your relationship. It’s can be okay if you tell your friends that you are having issues in your relationship, I mean which relationship doesn’t have issues once in a while. But telling you about your partner flaws will not help your relationship.

Know When To Compromise

With gender roles evolving every single day, it is good to know when to compromise. Compromise is an important trait of a healthy relationship. You must know that you will have to sacrifice in other to have a good relationship. You can not have it your way all the time, but you have to find a balance to it, you must know when to compromise.

Don’t Try To Monitor Your Partner

Monitoring your partner is like trying to control him or her, and it’s worst when it is a man. Because men hate to be controlled by there partner, because that’s is what their mother has been doing all through there childhood, they don’t want a second mom. Monitoring your partner also is a sign of lack of trust, and this actually goes 2 ways: lack of trust in your partner and lack of trust in yourself. Lack of trust is a big issue in a relationship, it can’t break a happy home, and destroy love. Who is happy in a relationship that they are not trusted?.

Know That Your Partner Is Not Perfect

Everybody has flaws, some may try to hide it especially around people they are not familiar with, either to avoid rejection or to avoid being judge and some times it happens subconsciously. So you have to know that as time goes on, these flaws will be revealed. Know it’s going to happen and talk to him or her about it in a calm understanding manner, without judging, and will make your partner appreciate being with you more.

It’s Okay To Argue

Just say the phrase “we disagree to agree”, arguing with your partner is not really bad, as long as it helps you both to reach an understanding. Arguing in a relationship helps you communicate your frustrations. So as long as you are not being cruel, it is beneficial and healthy.

Don’t Change

There is something that attracted your partner to you, that includes looks and character, No matter how comfortable you are with your partner and the relationship, don’t change this. What most people do is when they become comfortable in a relationship they start to change both in looks and character because they have gotten what they want. This makes their partner wonder and says things like “is this the person I fell in love with?”. And this can resort to loss of interest in their partner and the relationship.


One of the most important and arguably the most important tool for a successful relationship. People try to hide their feelings when hurt by the actions or words from their partner, for some reason which includes avoiding conflicts. But the truth is this action destroys relationships. Speak up when you feel hurt, tell your partner your point of view, communicate your ideas to your partner, let your partner know your idea of an ideal relationship, and verse visa. Because you are two people who have your own different perspective on life in general. This way you get to know yourself more and appreciate each other.

Grow Together

In a relationship, growing together is important. Because growing apart doesn’t happen in a day, it takes a period of time and it starts with the little decisions you make every day until it gets to that point where you don’t see the need to invest in the relationship. Spend time just talking together, bond with each other, plan together, set goals to be achieved together. By doing all this you will create something deeper than self and it will help you last long together.

Money and physical appearance are just superficial when it comes to relationship, the rules stated in these 10 relationship rules for lovers are basics every lover need to know in other to have a successful relationship. Apply these 10 relationship rules for lovers in your relationship for a happy long-lasting relationship.