10 Signs That Show He Truly Likes You

Men are easier to predict compare to women. When a man is interested in a woman, it will show in almost every one of his actions, but sometimes a woman can be confused by a man’s action. Here in this article, we have put together 10 signs that show he truly likes you. All you have to do is watch out for these signs.

The Way He Smiles At You

People smile for various reasons, but if a guy that truly likes a  girl, the way if smiles will tell. He will give that genuine ‘what a beautiful soul you are’ smile. That polite smile that says “I am interested in you and what you’re saying. IF a guy often gives you that smile, know that he truly likes you.

He Will Want To Talk About You More Than Himself

If he genuinely likes you, it will show in the way and things he talks about. He will talk about you more than himself. This is because he is so interested in you that he wants to know more about you. Because knowing about you will give him clues on how to treat you.

He Recoils When You Touch Him

If a guy recoil whenever you touch him, that is a sign he likes you. This is because when a person likes another person, they will like to be touched by that. This is not just to humans alone, even animals do the same, for example, your pet in the house, the way they respond to your touch is different from the way they respond when a stranger touches or try to touch them.

He Stares At You

Staring is one of the most common and obvious signs of genuine interest. Do you ever catch him staring at you smiling or does he try to look away when your eyes meet, then that is a sign that he truly likes you. Because a man will always focus attention on the things he cares about most.

He Will Looks For Excuse To Touch You

Touching is a sign that I am with you. And because he is smitten, he will always look for an excuse to touch you. He might touch your hair while complimenting it, hold your hand, or playfully hit your hand when you say something funny, or drop his hand on knee. As he is making every chance he gets avenue to touch you.

He Gets A Little Nervous Around You

Getting a little nervous around a girl doesn’t always mean a guy is weak or shy. Just like a girl will get butterflies when they get around a guy they like, guys also get a little nervous around the girl they like.

He Compliments You Always

If he compliments your new hair, your cute dress, the way you smile, etc. That could be a sign that he likes you. Guys are not like girls that take note of every little thing, but when a guy likes a girl he will not just take note but also pay compliments.

He Will Share Interest With You

This is not just about the things he is interested in but also about your own interest. Like the kind of songs like the kind of placing you like to hang out, etc. He’ll put this effort because he wants to make sure both of you are compactable.

He Talks About You With His Friends

It’s not only girls that talk about guys, guys too talk about girls only that they talk more about the girl they like. If he talks about you with his friends then that is a sign that he likes you, and he is doing that because he’s proud of you.

He Will Get Jealous When He Sees You With Other Guys

Men are naturally more jealous than women. Even if a guy is trying to hide his feelings or deny his interest in a girl, he will still be jealous if he sees the girl with other guys, and no matter how much he tries to hide it, it will still show in his eyes and actions. Jealous is one obvious sign of interest.

Though sometimes men take advantage of some of these signs to deceive a woman into believing that he cares about her, that’s why you have to look out for other signs listed in these 10 signs that show he truly likes you if you are sure of his intention.