10 Signs That Show She Doesn’t Like you

Guys sometimes mistake a lack of interest for shyness. Though sometimes a girl may like a guy but will try to hide her feelings for certain reasons. If you find yourself in a situation where you wonder if she likes you or not and you don’t seem to understand her moves and actions, there are signs she will display. These signs are what will tell you how her actual feeling. Here are 10 signs that show she doesn’t like you.

The Touch Barrier

When a woman is into a man she will be a little touchy whenever they are together. Touching a guy is a sign that she is comfortable around you and wouldn’t mind something more with you. All those playful slaps, touching your kneel, hugs, touching your arms, etc are all sign that she is into. If she never touches you or pulls away when you try to touch her, that is a sign that she not into you.

She Makes No Effort Of Coming Closer

Though traditionally it is a man thing to make the moves and efforts, if you as the man the one always making the move, that’s a sign that she doesn’t like you. Because a girl that likes a guy will try to reach out to the guy, especially when sees that you are interested in her. She might not do it directly but indirectly she will make an effort to get close to you, just to make it easy for you to reach her. But if she doesn’t make any effort, then that’s a sign she doesn’t like you.

She Let You Do All The Talking

It’s true that a girl can be shy sometimes, but as long as she has an interest in you, she will make an effort to keep a conversation with you going. If she let you do all the talking without making any input, just know that she doesn’t like you. She is letting you do all the talking because she doesn’t care if the conversation goes wrong or right.

She Checks Her Phone Every Single Time

To add to no interest is checking her phone every single time when she is with you. If she is constantly checking her phone while she is on a date with you or while you are having a conversation with her, then that is the sign that she is not interested. Women are generally good listeners, they pay attention to even the little things, and when they like a guy, they will pay more attention to the guy because they want to gather every detail she can get.

She Takes Forever To text Back

Another sign that a girl does not like you is if it takes her forever to text you back. No matter how busy a girl will be she will always take out time to text you back, even if it is just 15 seconds just to let you know that she is busy right now. Though this might not exactly mean that she doesn’t like you, it might just be that you are not her priority.

She Says She Has A Boyfriend

The “I have a boyfriend” line is one common line girls use to turn down guys they are not interested in. It might be true that she has a boyfriend and she is not interested in having another, but most times girls use this line this instead of bluntly turning you down.

She Makes Excuses

A girl can be very busy all day but she will always make out time for someone she likes. If she gives you excuses why she can’t have a date with you, why she didn’t text you back, why she couldn’t take your call, why she didn’t return your call, etc. Just know that she doesn’t like you, she is just using those excuses as a polite way of turn you down without hurting your feelings.

Though a girl can be subtle with her actions, if you find her displaying the signs in these 10 signs that show she doesn’t like you, know that she is not into you and your best option at this point is to walk away, so you don’t get used or stuck to friendzone. And there you have it, 10 signs that show she doesn’t like you.