10 Signs That Show She Likes You

Girls give away signs to guys they like so that the guy will notice her, but sometimes guys get too busy trying to get a guy to like them that they never notice that the girl is already into them. Here we will show you 10 signs that show she likes you. If you are confused about whether she likes you or not, then watch out for this sings.

She Laugh To What You Say

When a girl likes a guy, she will find every joke he makes every funny. Studies have proven that finding a person funny is not really an objective thing, rather it is more of a symptom of interest and attraction. This means that people find the person they are attracted to funny. So if a girl laughs even to your smallest joke, it is a sign that she likes you.

She Points Her Feet Towards You

Feet pointing towards you is a sign that a girl likes you. This is a body language sign that a girl is interested in you and it is mostly a subconscious act but it is a sign that she is open to you.

She Becomes Very Touchy

A girl can not help but be touchy with a guy she likes. If you are in a group and you notice that ones in a while she touches you, then that is a sign that she likes you and want your attention, though most of the time she does this subconsciously.

She Wants To Know More About You

If a girl likes you she will spend time studying you, when you are together she will ask you questions that will suggest you telling her more about yourself. She does this out of curiosity because she is genuinely into you and wants to know everything there is about you.

She Will Try Know If You Have A Girlfriend

There is a famous line girls use when they want to know if you have a boyfriend, they will say things like “hope your girlfriend will not be angry about this” or “what did your girlfriend say about it”. They are just asking to know if you have a girlfriend, though some may come out directly with the question. When a girl asks you this, know that she is like you.

She Teases And Picks On You

A girl can tease or playfully make fun of a guy she likes. This is because she enjoys you and she is using every little thing she sees to laugh and enjoy her time with you. So picking up on you and teasing you is a way she’s using to amuse herself and also make the time you are spending together fun.

She Often Stares At You

Girls are very observant, especially when it involves the things they have interest in. If she is always staring at you, it is because she is interested in you. She might look away when your eyes meet if she is shy or nervous, she might smile to let you know that she is not afraid to show that she likes you.

She Text You Back Almost Immediately

If she likes you, she will always respond to your text. Even if she is very busy, she will find a way to let you know that she is very busy now just so she doesn’t make you feel bad. This is because she likes you and because she likes you, you are top on her priority list.

She Lean On You

If a girl leans on you, know that she doesn’t just like you but comfortable being with you. When a girl leans on you or puts her head on your shoulder it is a sign of likes you and she trust that you are okay for her.

She Will Recoil When You Touch Her

This is a sign that both men and women give when they like a person. If you touch a girl, her reaction to your touch is what will tell you if she is into you or not. A girl will either pull away or recoil when you touch her, even if she is the shy type, she will still somehow recoil to show that she truly likes you.

Though a girl may give off some of these signs subconsciously, sometimes she does some of these signs in these 10 signs that show she likes you so you can notice her. You just have to pay attention and you will see all these signs.