Know When To Walk Away With 5 Tips

It is true that every relationship has its ups and downs, happy moments, sad moments, etc, but the problem is staying too long in a dead relationship thinking it’s one of those bad days. You might just be overwhelmed with your feelings for your partner that you don’t see that they are long gone. Some people stay in a dead relationship believing they can fix things, while some stay because they fear they might not be able to find a partner that will love and treat them better than how that partner use to(even if they don’t get that anymore). In light of this, we have put together t know when to walk away with 5 tips.

When They Stop Being Romantic

Affection and romance is an important part of a relationship, every one who is in love with a person will be affectionate and romantic too with that person. If your partner is no longer comfortable cuddling you, holding your hands in public, and you no longer see the excitement in their face when you kiss, that is a sign that it’s time to walk away.

When You Always Try To Justify Their Actions Even When It Hurt You

This is an important one because many people are victims of this one. You try to justify been hurt by your partner because of something you did or did not do, next you start blaming yourself for making him or her treat you poorly. Or you start fabricating reasons why they hurt you. If you find yourself doing this, then it’s time to have a deep thought, because if you continue in that relationship you are only going to destroy your esteem, and don’t be surprised if one day he or she just get up and leave.

When They Suddenly Start Making Friends With The Opposite Sex

While it can be okay if you partner is a person that already have friends who are of the opposite sex, but if he or she is a person that doesn’t keep a close relationship with the opposite sex then all a sudden they start to have a close friendship with the opposite sex and won’t talk about it, then it is a sign. Though this alone doesn’t mean the relationship is dead, it can only be said to be dead when coupled with other things mentioned there.

When They Start Acting Independently

Even if a person is angry at their partner, he or she will always want to know what their partner is up to, and tries to involve that partner in major decisions they take, directly or indirectly. If you are acting like you no longer exist and complete start living a life of their own, even when you are there and all your effort to fix this is like pouring water on the back of a chicken. Or maybe every time you talk to him or her, he or she acknowledges it, tells you they will change but go back to do the same thing, rinse and repeat. Just walk away

When They Stop Caring How Their Actions Makes You Feel

If your partner doesn’t care about how you feel anymore, they do whatever they like even when they know that particular action is going to hurt you, they still go-ahead to do it, especially when you have done nothing wrong, then you have to walk away. Because if they don’t care about you getting hurt, they definitely don’t care about the relationship, and who doesn’t care about something they want?

If you are experiencing all these things mentioned here on these 5 guidelines to know walk away. The truth is even if you want to still hold on, one day they will be the one to walk away and that might be after they have destroyed your esteem and happiness, leaving you depressed. This is because the relationship has been dead a long time ago but where there hope you can fix things, believing that things will turn around. All the things mentioned here work hand in hand, so one alone doesn’t really mean the relationship is dead. When you start experiencing all these things, that’s when to walk away.