5 Tips On How To Communicate Better With Partner

Poor communication in a relationship is a big threat to the existence of the relationship. Relationships can barely survive where there is poor communication. This is why good communication is perhaps the most important key to a long-lasting relationship. Here we are going to give you 5 tips on how to communicate better with your partner.


At times because we want to be heard we tend to talk continually without really listening. The best way to be heard is to listen, really listen. Listening helps you to understand what the other person is really saying or trying to say, which will give you a clue to on when to talk and how to how to talk in other to be heard.

Be Careful With Your Words

If you are able to control your words, you will avoid lots of conflicts and you can easily get your partner to do things that you want them to do. The way you put your words is very important when you are talking to your partner. Your choice of words can make your partner act defensively and it can also make them feel good about doing something for you. A clue is to try to sound more appreciative when you are talking to your partner. when you are talking to your partner.

Don’t Do Mind Reading

We sometimes make this mistake, the mistake that after a period of time in the relationship your partner should be able to understand us even without saying a word. This causes many problems in relationships. No person is a mind reader, because he or she manage to guess right for once doesn’t automatically make her a mind reader. Learn to say to speak your mind whenever it’s necessary, speak up whenever you want something. This act will help save you from being misunderstood as well as build better communication between both of you.

Get Your Partner To Listen

The truth is nobody really loves to nag but when they want something or keep telling you to do one thing often and it is not done, they tend to nag, and nagging will not help you to be heard talkless of getting the work done. But you can get your partner to listen if you can get them to see things from your point of view. Talk in terms he will understand and he will see things the way you do.

Pay Attention To Non-verbal Clues

In the movie Hitch, Alex Hitch said “90 percent of what we say isn’t coming out of our mouth” in essence majority of what we say is nonverbal. This is one important tip you should pay attention to. When you pay attention to his or her nonverbal clues, you will know when they are not interested in what you are saying, when they are being defensive, when they feel like they are not heard, when they are getting too emotional. This will give you a clue to what you should do or say next.

The tips given in this 5 tips on how to communicate better with partner is effective for all kind of relationship. These tips are effective in building good rapport in relationships, as well as understanding. If you can instill these tips in your relationship, you will surely have a long-lasting relationship with peace and understanding.