6 Relationship Red Flags for Men

You might have been in a relationship that is very toxic or you have a friend who has been in that kind of relationship, and you just wonder how did this person end up in this kind of relationship. The truth is there were signs at the beginning but that person didn’t really notice or pay attention to those signs. This is why we have put together these 6 relationship red flags for men, to help guide men not to go into an unhealthy relationship.

When She Is Very  Dramatic

As a man, you should beware of women who are very dramatic. They are very attractive at the beginning with their outgoing personality. These sets of women can easily have a swing of emotion, they can go from one emotional extreme to another extreme and make a storm out of a teacup. They stir controversy because they are always impulsive to be the center of attention.

She Never Admits Or Apologises When She Is Wrong

If she is a person that doesn’t recognize when she is wrong or apologize when told, then that is a red flag. Because at the long run you will always be the one to accept all the blames, and this will cost constant arguments and controversy in the relationship.

You Can’t Connect With Any Of Her Friends

If you can’t connect with a single one of her friends, then you are probably on the wrong one there. because as the saying “birds of the same feather flock together” if all her friends are forks you can’t stand or spend at least one hour with then you are entering a very wrong relationship. You might not notice hers because you are emotionally attached to her.

All Her Past Relationship Are With Guys Who Are Jerks

This is one part she will reveal to you herself. Say will say it one way or the other. But the fact that all the guys she has dated are jerks, says something about her personality and judgment as well. This could mean that she only rolls well with jerks and that she lacks self-awareness and can not take responsibility for actions.

If She Treat People Badly

You can always get information about people’s true behavior by the way they treat other people especially strangers. If every time you hang out with her and she treats waiters like crap, then that is a red flag. The way she treats strangers shows how mature and moral she is, social conscience not left out.

She Doesn’t Talk Through Issue

Communication is a major tool for a successful relationship. No one is perfect, every person has flaws, but what keep relationship going are communication and understanding. If she can not talk through issues, she just acts moody, or will not take a simple correction when she is wrong, then you have to avoid her. because that relationship is not going to last. Even if the relationship does last, it will always have problems, and it will still not end well. Not forgetting the time and emotions you would have invested in it.

These 6 relationship red flags for men is a helpful tool for men when trying to choose a partner for a long term relationship.