6 Signs That She Is Hiding Her Feelings

Girls try to hide the way they feel about a girl sometimes, reasons are maybe the guy has not shown any interest in them and they don’t want to be a victim or because they are confused that he might not be a good choice. Either way, there are signs a girl give subconsciously when she has feelings for you. Here are 6 signs that she is hiding her feelings. Just watch out for these signs and you will know all you need to know.

She Stares

Staring is a sign of interest that women give subconsciously. If a girl is interested in you, she will try to maintain eye contact, if she is the shy type she will look away when you look back. And because she doesn’t want it to be obvious, she will try to hide her feeling by look away. Though some girls will respond differently, some will smile when your eyes meet while some will smile back when you smile.

She Plays With Her When Hair You’re Around

A girl can play with her hair if she is bored, stressed, or nervous, if all of a sudden she starts playing with her hair when she sees you, it is a sign that she is interest in you. This happens because she is kind of nervous about seeing you, or she might be using that to draw attention to herself by drawing attention to the hair. Sometimes she does this subconsciously.

She Listens When Your Talking

Girls tend to pay close attention to guys they are interested in. some of this attention include listening to him when he is talking. If you notice she tries to listen to you talking, whether you are talking to her or friends or addressing people, that is a sign that she is interested in you.

She Is Quieter Around You

If she all of a sudden becomes quite the moment you show up, it could be a sign that she is interested in you. When a girl interest in a guy, they get a little uncomfortable around the guy, especially when she is not sure if he likes her or not. There she will try to compote herself by being quiet, even as she is a little nervous.

She Gets Jealous When You Are With Other Women

No one feels jealous about a person they have no interest in. A girl might try to hide her feelings towards a guy for a number of reasons but immediately she sees him hanging out or just talking to other women, she gets jealous, though can pretend not to care the women, but if you look closely you will how uncomfortable she is, you will see that jealousy right there in her eyes.

She Apologises

Most times it is difficult for a girl to apologize to a guy, except it is very obvious that they are wrong. But the case is different if she has feelings for the guy. If she easily apologizes for every little thing she did wrong, then it’s a good sign that she is interested in you and doesn’t want to mess up whatever chance she might have with you by hurting you or creating a bad impression of herself.

These 6 signs that she is hiding her feelings will giveaway a girl’s true feelings because they are signs a girl gives subconsciously. Though sometimes some of these signs may be confusing, so you have to watch out for the other signs so you don’t jump into conclusions.