7 General First Rules For Singles

Some people spoil what is suppose to be a great relationship with their actions on the first date, while some don’t even know what to do, or what to talk about on the date. if you are among these people, don’t be too worried, there are many people like you. Because things like this don’t always come naturally, they are learned. Here we will discuss 7 general first rules for singles.

Stop Trying To Think What They Are Thinking

Many people have this problem of trying to figure that what the other person is thinking, you are on a date, and instead to enjoy your date, you are busy trying to know what is going on in another person’s mind. Don’t do that. Enjoy your date, be in the moment, and have fun.


Everybody wants to be with someone who listens to them. When you listen, you show your date that you are there for them. And listening also helps you to know what and when to respond. This will help you to have a great date, and in turn, both of you will enjoy the time you spend together.

Be Confidence

Remember the first impression last, and you want your date to see you as a confident person because confidence is charming. True confidence comes from within. Don’t try to fake it, because a fake can be easily detected. Be confident in your own skin. Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable.

Keep Your Phone

Many people can’t stay away from their phones for 5 minutes when you are on a date to try to put your phone away. You have to make sure your full attention on your date, not paying attention will show your date that there is something more important that is taking your attention.

Don’t Talk About Ex

It is a big error to be on a date with somebody and you are busy talking about someone else. Even if you are asked about your ex, give an honest and comfortable response but don’t over exaggerate. Don’t dwell on it, you will have enough time to talk about past relationships as time goes on, but not on your first date.

Be Honest

Be honest about what you want, the kind of relationship you want, and your expectations. Just be plain about it so you have a conflict in the long run. Because your date may just be looking for a hookup when you are looking hoping to find true love.

Don’t Reveal Too Much Yet

It is your first date where you meet, introduce yourselves, and knowing basics about each other. Try to keep it simple like that, don’t reveal too much on your first date. Another thing this will do is, it will make them try to figure some things out by themself. In this way, they will be thinking about you.

It’s Okay To Ask Questions

Asking and answering questions will help keep the conversation going, you don’t want to be in a situation where only one person is going on and on talking without a response from the other end. Another thing asking questions will do is, it will help you to know more about the person you are on a date more. While it’s okay to ask questions, try to avoid asking too personal questions so your date doesn’t think you are validating him or her.

You don’t need to be scared of what to say or do on a first date anymore, use these 7 general first rules for singles as a guide for your first date.