7 Important First Date Tips For Men

Most of the time, guys get nervous when they want to go on a date with a girl for the very first time. This feeling sometimes comes from the fear that they might mess things up and the fear of rejection make them nervous, These happen mostly when a guy doesn’t know what to say or do on a first. Here we are going to give you 7 important first date tips for men.

Don’t Worry If She Likes You Or Not

If she agrees to go on a date with you, then it means she already likes you. Because a girl will not like to be seen in public with someone they don’t like. Worrying about if she likes you will only make you appear nervous and insecurities and that will show in your actions. And trust me no girl is comfortable being with an insecurities¬†guy.

Dress Well

When I say dress well I don’t mean to go and buy expensive clothes and shoes. Dressing for a date requires appearing neat and comfortable. Because no matter the kind of clothing your wear, if you don’t look comfortable in it, then it’s a zero, no matter how expensive it is. You must not dress too sophisticated because it will make you are trying too hard to impress. Appear natural, neat, and comfortable. Another thing dressing does for you is that it helps boost your confidence.

Don’t Day Dream

A lot of guys do this, especially when they are on a first date with a hot girl. When they on a date sitting across a cute girl, they start imagining how loving making with her will be, the things they will do together as couples, the places they will go, etc. Daydreaming will distract you from concentrating. It can also get you nervous because as you fantasies of a wonderful unrealistic future, there will always be that thought in your mind, that what if things go wrong. Daydreaming will do you more harm than good. Just relax and be in the moment, whatever will happen next is not yours to worry.

Be Confident

Confidence is the powerhouse, it is what compliments everything. You must be confident in yourself as a man. Learn to bring out your true confidence. It is all about self-image, how you see yourself. You must as valuable as any other person in the world because you are.


Learn to listen, when you pay attention to the things she is truly saying. Sometimes girls say things randomly but in between, they are indirectly trying to pass a message. When you are relaxed and listening to her, you will figure things out, and they will respect you for that ability.

Ask Relavant Questions

Asking questions on a date is good because it helps to keep the conversation going. And it also helps you to know the girl better. So go ahead and ask her the things you want to know, but you should ask relevant questions and don’t ask too personal questions, so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Have Fun

It’s a date like every other time you hang out, so you must relax and have fun. Let her see that you are happy with yourself. Because girls admire a guy who can be happy by himself. This will not only show them that you are a happy person, but that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be happy.

Use the tips given in these 7 important first date tips for men to guide yourself through your first date, and remember you have to be in the moment, don’t daydream, don’t overthink, just enjoy your date.