7 Relationship Red Flags For Ladies

Some women get easily fascinated when they see a guy that matches their specs. they become so obsessed with his physical appearance and want to go a thousand miles to be with him. The problem is when they fall in love too early not looking out for that thing that matters most which are the character and challenges, this is what spells doom for relationships. In trying to help ladies find the right partner, we have put together 7 relationship red flags for ladies. These 7 relationship red flags are things ladies should not overlook in a man.

A Secretive Past

Don’t go into a relationship with a guy that has a dark past, a past that he doesn’t want to share. If a potential partner is secretive about his part, then you should consider not going into that relationship, because there is more to it than meet the eye.

If He Doesn’t Talk Through Issue

Communication is very important in a relationship. Understanding the fact that these are two people with a different kind of upbringing, experience, and perspective of life. There will be misunderstandings, and the one way to resolve it is to talk through it. If you are with a guy or into a relationship with a guy and you find out he can’t talk through issues then have a rethink.

Insecurities In Relationships

Though he can be handled, meaning when a guy that have insecurities when it comes to relationships it might be a result of something from an experience, in other words, you can help him with it. You can talk to him about it or make him see someone professionally. Remember no one is perfect, events of life can really m*ss with a person’s mind.

If He Blames His Exes For Failed Relationships

Just like a girl will say all the guys she has dated are all jerks, a man who complains about his exes has problems with taking responsibility. Is like overlooking your bad behavior and pointing fingers on someone else. A relationship with men like this most of the time turns out to be toxic.

If He Complains A lot

It is true that everyone at some point complains about something or someone who wrongs them, but there is more to a person who constantly complains about almost everything, some even complain about the weather not being fair to them. This kind of men hardly takes responsibility, creating no room for self-improvement. Not mentioning how much it will weigh you down and destroy all your effort for a great relationship.

If He Cannot Accept A No For An Answer

Though you might say no I something nobody likes to hear. If a guy already have issue with hearing or accepting no at the beginning of the relationship, as the relationship goes on it can escalate into bigger problems, and that will create a situation where he will constantly encroach on your boundaries, putting you in a situation where you will have to constantly dis…. yourself just to avoid conflicts.

If you are thinking of going into a relationship especially a long term relationship with a guy and he possesses these things mentioned in these 7 relationships red flag for ladies, then you should reconsider. Though there are also other things you should watch out when looking for the right partner but these 7 relationship red flags represent attitude, a lifestyle that ladies should avoid.