7 Signs That She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

It can be very sad to realize that the woman that used to be all over you, picking interest in whatever you do, all of a sudden becomes cold on you and you wonder if she still loves you or you have lost her. If you find yourself in a situation where you are confused about her true feelings, watch out for these 7 signs that she doesn’t love you anymore, as they will show you her true feelings.

She Doesn’t Open Up To You

When a woman doesn’t love you anymore she will stop telling you things that are serious and personal, she will stop seeking your advice or opinion about things she does or want to do. When you see this kind of signs know that her love for you is compromised.

She Stops Communicating

Adding to opening up to you is communication. Girls like to talk, especially with someone they love. They will go out, do what they have to do for the day then at the end of the day they will start telling you about her day, her experiences, creating a moment where both of you will talk and laugh. If she stops doing this, know that she doesn’t want you to know what is going on in her life anymore, and this is because she doesn’t love you anymore.

She Will Start Doing Things Independently

A woman will always relay on the person she loves. If all of a sudden she becomes less dependent on you, know that it could b a sign that love isn’t there anymore. Because girls see a man who helps them as someone they can trust and rely on, so they will always depend on you for it. The moment they intentionally stop depending on you, that means they don’t want that commitment from you anymore. Though sometimes girls can be tricky on this with a person they are just using, so you should look out for other signs before you can go into conclusion.

She Put Friends Above You

If she continues to put her friends before you, just know that she doesn’t love you. A woman will put her friend’s second place when she is in love because she will always be spending time with the person she loves. So putting her fiends above you is just a clear sign that the love is no longer there.

She Doesn’t Admire or Compliment You

Admiration always goes with respect. A relationship where there is no respect, there is no love. Women will always admire and give compliments to the one they love, whether it is their man or their little baby. If she doesn’t admire you, just know it is a sign that love is not there.

She Doesn’t Care How You Feel

When a girl doesn’t like you, your feelings will become irrelevant to her. She won’t bother if her actions are going to hurt you or not. When she does whatever she wants whenever she wants regardless of how it will make you feel, know that she doesn’t love you anymore.

She Loses Interest In Physical Intimacy

When She is always coming up with excuses to not physically spend time with you, then you should know that she doesn’t love you anymore. Because if a woman is in love with you, she will always look forward to spending time with you. When she doesn’t love you anymore, she will avoid engaging with you on an intimate level.

If you notice her displaying the signs in these 7 signs that she doesn’t love you anymore, then it means you have lost her and the best thing you will do for yourself at this point is to walk. Because the more you try to fix it, the more you might get hurt.