7 Signs That Show He Is Just Playing You

If you wonder why a guy you share so much with doesn’t seem to care about you, even though he says it almost every time you are together but you still have doubts, then chances are he is just playing you. If you want to know if whether he loves you or he is just playing you, then watch out for these signs, as they will reveal his true intention. Below are 7 signs that show he is just playing you.

He Only Contacts You At Night

If he is always too busy to be with you during the day but calls you at night chances are he is just using you and he is never really busy. If he does take he will want to spend time with you and at least know you better, but he doesn’t do this because he doesn’t really care about you.

It Takes Him Forever To Respond To You

When you care about a person you will put that person up in your priority list. Even if you are busy, you will take a second or 2 to respond to that person’s call or text. If he takes him forever to respond to you, then as sad as it sounds, you are not a priority to him. How can someone you share something together and spend time with not make you his priority if he is not using you?.

He Doesn’t Show You To His Friends

One of the very obvious signs that he is just playing with you is if he doesn’t show you to his friends. Guys will always want to show off their girlfriend to their friends to get thumps up from them. If your guy never does this, it is because he is not proud of you and he doesn’t really care about you.

He Is Hardly Affectionate Towards You

Everyman even the least romantic ones sometimes shows affection to the woman they are about. If a man is not really into you, he will hardly hold your hand, kiss you, or cuddle you. So if your man is not affectionate towards, chances are he is just playing with you.

He Only Cares About You When He Is With You

Some men can be so affectionate and caring even when they are just using you, but this care and affection are only shown when they are with you. If a guy only treats you special when he is around you, then he is just playing you.

He Ghosts You Without Any Good Reason

If one minute your man is unavailable and unreachable and then after a while, he just starts talking to you as he wants without any good reason why he was unavailable, then he might just be playing you. Because if he truly cares about you, he will not only come around you when it’s convenient for him and when he has gotten what he wants he ghost you again.

He is Very Selfish In The Bedroom

Every guy who is into a girl, he will want to fulfill and satisfy her with his performance in the bedroom. If he doesn’t care about her satisfaction, it might just mean he is just using you to satisfy his desires.

Though some girls may never notice these signs because they are overwhelmed with emotions of the feelings they have for the guy if you see your man display these signs given in these 7 signs that show he is just playing you, know that he is not the man for you because you deserve better.