7 Things Men Do That Kills A Woman’s Love

Most times when a woman stops loving a man the man often blames it on the woman for changing while these changes are actually triggered by the man’s action. If you find yourself in a situation where your woman doesn’t love or seem to love you anymore it’s probably because you are doing these 6 things. Below are the 7 things men do that kills a woman’s love.

Overly Sensitive

Overly sensitive here means reacting to every little thing. Example if your woman is just angry and you don’t know what is making her angry but the fact that she is angry has already put you in a panic mood, or she does something you don’t like instead for you to call her up on it like a man, you become moody and start acting weird.

Too Emotional

Being too emotional as a man is a very big turn off for ladies. Being emotional over every little thing only give away signal that you have lost control of yourself. Even if it is a display of love and appreciation or hurt and pain, it all says the same thing. A man should masculine, and masculine men are in control of themself.

Build His World Around Her

Build your world around her here simply means making her the center of your universe and your biggest purpose. The problem with doing this is that it makes her too comfortable and lose respect for you. When a woman gets too comfortable they tend to get bored, and her love will begin to die gradually.

Easily Offended

Being easily offended or what we called having soft skin. Everything gets to you, even when they are teasing and playing just with you, you are already paranoid. This gives a signal of weakness and kills a woman’s affection because it is the opposite of masculinity. Masculinity is more about being strong, even people are intentionally trying to offend you.

Place Her On A Pedestal

Placing a woman on a pedestal as something that sometimes happens subconsciously. Maybe because she is very pretty or she earns more than you do, or maybe you feel she is too good for you, then you practically start worshiping her, doing whatever she wants and sometimes go way out of your way to please her. When you make her feel like she is perfect, you put her on the pressure to not be herself but a perfect being. This will make her uncomfortable around you though she might not show it. She will start wishing for a place where she can just be herself.


When as a man you always seek her or other people’s permission to do things or you meet people to validate the decision you made for your own self will make her see you as less of a man. These actions will gradually kill her affection for you. Because as a man, you are supposed to be able to make decisions for yourself and also the relationship


Being over-agreeable and overly accomodating will make you appear weak to her. When you agree with her on almost everything, especially when she is trying to make an argument and you just agree with what she says. Now you might be doing this to avoid conflict but it is making her lose respect for you. And from a woman’s end love and respect work hand in hand, meaning a woman can never who she doesn’t respect.

When a man starts displaying the above 7 things men do that kills a woman’s love and, you might not even cheat on her to lose her. As a man, you have to watch out for these 7 actions because they are romance killers.