7 Tips On How To Make Your Man Love You More

Just as women want the man in their life to love them just as they are even with your flaws and their craziness, so also do men. A man wants to be loved and appreciated for who he is, and any woman who can get these things right will always be appreciated and loved. In this article, we will give you 7 tips on how to make your man love you more.

Surprise Him With Gifts And Messages

Though men also see a woman who sends them gifts too often as trying too hard or manipulative, the trick here is not to do it too often. Send him a gift when he least expects it, may at work, or on a random day. Because men see women as the once who always receive, so sending him a gift on a random day will make you appear different and special than the rest of the girls out there.

Don’t Ever Try To Change Him

Men want to be loved the way they are, they know they are not perfect, they know they have flaws and sometimes they make wrong decisions, but you trying to change a man makes it seems like you are trying to be mumming, and a man doesn’t like that. Instead try to inspire him to be a better version of himself, at the same time let him know you love and appreciate him for who he is.

Try To Trust Your Man

Now, this part is not just for your man but for you. Because if you don’t trust your man, you will be so insecure around him and it will always act in a kind of way with him, and that will kill your relationship faster than any other thing. And when he tells you the truth about something you do not believe him and when he knows you don’t believe him as he is telling the truth, it will make him dought if you are the one for him.

Don’t Change

Some women tend to appear classy with that youthful attractive and sweet when they are single but when they get the man and the relationship progresses they start changing. Don’t be like those girls, don’t change from the person you are. Try to be that same sweet woman he met and fall in love with. Let your man always see that thing that caught his attention, that thing that attracted him to you, and he will love you more for being consistent.

Add More Value To Yourself

Just as women want their men to always look presentable, so do men too. Try to improve on yourself, become a better version of yourself. Pay attention to yourself, treat yourself better, and love yourself more, not in a selfish way though. This will make you appear better and the very man wants the better person.

Give Your Man A Little Challenge

I know this point will seem kind of weird, but trust me, though most men will not say or admit it it’s a key. Give your man a little challenge once in a while. Still, make him chase you, just make him work for it sometimes. And I tell you this, men love challenges, it has always being a man’s thing to chase to work for it. because sometimes easy makes it boring.


Talk to him let him know how you feel, don’t assume he will read your mind or read through the signs, he might never do it, so speak up when you are hurt, when you think you are not giving what you deserve, and guess what? he will appreciate it. Don’t just agree with everything he says, if you have a better option? say it. Every man likes a partner that is smart, that contributes.

To summary, these 7 tips on how to make your man love you more, don’t try to change your man, treat him special but don’t overdo it, so it doesn’t appear manipulative. Add some value to yourself, communicate, speak up, and love yourself more. Remember self-love is very important.