8 Important First Date Tips For Ladies

These are some tips for girls who want to go on a date with a guy for the first time. It will help you get organized and guide you through what to talk about, questions you should and shouldn’t ask on your first date, especially when you are not sure of what to say or do. Here are 8 important first date tips for ladies.

Dress Gorgeously

First of all, we will be focusing on dressing. A man is attracted by what he sees. Dressing gorgeously does not mean you should wear the most expensive dress. There are simple elegant dresses that are very cute. So whether you’re appearing simply or sophisticated, just sure you are comfortable and beautiful in.

Be Confident

Believe me, it’s very charming when a girl is confident. And as you know first impression matters a lot, you have to exhibit that confident princess-like personality and keep it up all through the date.

It’s Okay To Ask Questions

Asking questions while you are on a first date is not wrong, in fact, it is good to keep the conversation going. When you ask him questions and the process him answering them will make both of you involved in the conversation(as it will not be good if it’s just one person talk without getting responses from the other end).  This process also helps you to know the guy better, though you know that there are somethings that you will not need to talk about on the date, so you need to avoid too personal questions.

Keep Your Phone Away

Ladies like using their phones when they are on a date or just hanging out with friends texting and chatting. This single act alone can deprive you of a wonderful date. Doing this will also tell the guy that you have something more important than his attention. It will slow the conversation and as well deny you the chance of knowing the guy you are with.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex

Don’t talk about your ex, especially not on the first date. If he asks you a question concerning your ex, answer him but keep it simple and short. Don’t go on and on talking about your ex, because he doesn’t need it. I mean nobody wants to be with someone who talks a lot about their ex.

Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon

Even as you are talking and trying to know each other better, it is good for you to stick to basics. Don’t reveal too much about yourself to him on the first date, even if he is persuasive, try to give simply direct answer and switch to other things. You still plenty of time to talk about yourselves.

Be Honest About What You Want

Tell him what you want, it is good you say it from the start, so if both of you are not on the same page, no one will feel used. If you want a casual relationship say it, if you are looking for a serious relationship, say it.

Sex On The First Date Should Be Your Choice

When you are on a first date with a guy and everything is going well, the guy is cool, funny and knows how to treat a lady well. If you feel like having sex with this guy, and it’s okay as long as you want it. But you should know you don’t owe him sex because of a good date or because he wants it. Let it be your choice and find a way to let him know you are doing it with him because you want to. This will make him respect you more than thinking he asks for it and you just gave in.

As you use the tips we have given in these 8 important first date tips for ladies, also bear in mind that your self-confidence is very important.