How To Get Out Of Friendzone

Being friendzoned is something many guys don’t want to hear about or be associated with. Now I know many guys have been in this situation where you like a girl so much and you do everything to be with her, and some times you even go out of your will to please her and at the end, her response is “let’s just be friends” or “I just like you as a friend”, I know the feeling because most of us have been there before, and the feelings are not a good one. We are going to discuss how to get out of friendzone.

Now let’s deal with it. Why do girls friend zone guys, and how do you get out of that friendzone?

As a guy, when you are being too nice to a lady, she sees it as being desperate and weak, not only that another thing being too nice to a lady says is she is too good for you and that’s why you are trying all your best to get her.

The truth is that ladies like challenges too. They also want to have that thing that feels like no other lady can have, they don’t get attracted to a guy who sucks up to them or a guy who they can push around. Because even though you think, you are doing all that to prove to her that you care, she is thinking, if you will do all this for her, then you can do it for any other cute girl that comes your way. How do you get out friend zone?

Add Some Value To Yourself

You must see yourself as higher or at least equal status as every person you including her come in contact with. Because she wants to see the real you, not a guy who is trying to manipulate her by being too nice to her. you have to be transparent because she will want to see how you act around people too. Learn to speak up if people don’t treat you the way you deserve, this includes her.

Stop Treating Women Like Angels

Forget all the treat her like a queen, be romantic things you hear. Do you know where all those things work? in the movies. In real life, women are attracted to guys who don’t ‘need’ them, notice I used need there because they want a strong guy, I guy who can walk away if he is not served what he ordered, a guy who is not with her because she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen. When you stop treating her like an angel and start treating her like just a person like you, like any other person, you will show her that you want to be with her because of how she makes you feel and not because she is the most beautiful girl you can ever meet. and you know what? women love that.

Have Confidence In Yourself

The number one trait that can sweep any woman off their feet is confidence. There is nothing that attracts a woman to a man more than self-confidence. It all boil down to self-image, how you see yourself? You must see yourself as higher or equal status than anybody you come in contact with, whether it’s the president of America or the queen of England, you must realize that we are all just human. Carry yourself with dignity, when you walk, when you talk, even the way you dress. You must go deep to your inner self. You must learn to build it from the inside, don’t fake it. Women can detect a fake from a mile away.

Finally, learn to be able to walk away if you don’t get what you ask for, don’t panic, don’t get angry, just walk away with your held head up. When you can do this, it will reflect in the way you act around her and she will know you are not the kind of guy to be put on friendzone. There you have it, how to get out of friendzone.