How To Know He Is Cheating 6 Signs

If you in a relationship with a guy and suddenly you start acting a certain way that makes you question his fidelity but you are not sure if he is cheating on you or not, in other not to mess things up with wrong accusations, you have to for proof. There are signs that show when a man is cheating, you just have to watch out for those signs. This is why we put together this how to know he is cheating 6 signs.

He Is Always Protecting His Phone

One of the ways to know if your man is cheating is if he becomes very protective of his phone. You just have to observe him, does he react if you try to touch his phone? does he say “nobody” when you ask him who are you calling/texting? does he busy some of his calls around you or does he try to avoid talking when he takes some calls in your present?. All these are signs that you will see if he is cheating and he doesn’t want you to know.

He Pays More Attention To His Appearance

Apart from taking showers, wearing clean clothes and other basics daily clean up, men don’t usually care much about their appearance when they are already in a stable relationship. If your man suddenly starts hitting the gym, buying a new set of clothes, start a new skincare routine, then that could be a sign that he is cheating on you. He is probably doing all that to impress someone and that can only be you if you have been talking about his appearance but if you have never complained or discussed his appearance then he is trying to impress another girl.

He Pulls Away Emotionally

A woman can multi-task better than a man. A man is always not very good at multi-tasking, even when it comes to romance. If a man found a new love he will become more affectionate towards the new lover ad less affectionate towards the other lover. The more he tries to be available for the new girl, the more he pulls away from the other girl. And sometimes the feeling of guilt can make him uncomfortable and that will make him pull away.

He suddenly Wants his Privacy

Sudden privacy is a sign of cheating. Though some men like privacy, keeping their password secret and their social media accounts personal, but if all of a sudden your man starts particular about his privacy, then that could be a sign that he is cheating on you. E.g if he uses to unlock his phone and leave it with you when you ask to use his phone, but now he kind of hesitate or try to monitor what you are doing with his phone, or if he uses to leaves his Facebook account open then all of a sudden he starts keeping it private, this could be a sign that he is cheating.

He Starts Suspecting You

A man may start suspecting or accusing their partner of cheating when they are cheating. Though this doesn’t happen with many too many men, some men do this out of the feeling of guilt and insecurity. The fact that they are cheating makes them think their partner can be cheating too.

He Picks Fight With You Unnecessarily

One way to know that a man is cheating is if he gets angry with you all the time, even when you don’t know what you did wrong. When your partner that used to be happy and lovely start being angry and defensive when you ask him questions. This is caused by the feeling of guilt, and he is worried that you might know that he is cheating. Though sometimes men act this way when they have some really serious issue going on in their life, so you have to watch out for other signs in order not to jump into conclusions.

A man’s nature is what determine the signs he will show, though a single sign alone can not determine whether your man is cheating or not, so if you notice any of the sign on these how to know he is cheating with 6 signs, it’s very important you watch out for other signs, as more signs will show if he is true cheating.