How To Make Your Woman Love You More

Woman response to romance differently than what men think. A man might think to be always romantic or always agree to everything she says, will make her love you, or at least bring more peace to the relationship, but it’s not like that. Here we are going to talk on how to make your woman love you more.

Have you ever notice how a bad boy gets and keeps a lady glue to them, even when it appears as if they are not doing too nice things to the girl?

Women respond to strength, masculinity not sweet soft personality. Now I know you will be saying should I not be romantic with my woman? It is okay to be romantic with your woman, but the problem is when you are doing it to try to keep her. Here are ways to make your woman love you more.

Give Her Gift At Your Unexpectedly

Go out on a random day buy her a gift, not just any gift. get her something she wants, something she must have mentioned during your discussion with her or saw in a magazine, or on the tv.

Always Remember The Important Days In Her Life

Like her birthday and your relationship anniversary. By showing that you remember these days, you make her feel she is special to you and that you appreciate her. You can surprise her with a dinner date, messages, or gifts, whatever you do, make sure you acknowledge these dates.

Send Her Romantic Text On A Random Day

May when she is busy at work or at night, but the trick of there is to let her know you are doing this because she deserves it because she has been too good and makes you feel great. Don’t do it all the time but once in a while when she least expected it.


Learn to speak up. If she does or says something that you don’t like call her to it. And also listen to her not just hear but listen when she is saying something. Because you may not always understand a woman’s mood sometimes but when you teach her to communicate and you listen to her, you will fix things that can break a relationship with little or no effort.

Take Of Yourself

I know this might sound weird but women take pride when their men in looking good, clean shave, dress in a fashionable way. They love it. It makes them feel special for having you. Why because women want a man that they can show off, they want to see how other women admire their man, and it makes them love you more.

In summary of how to make your woman love you more, do things for her to appreciate her efforts, and not try to win her love. Take care of yourself by adding value to yourself, communicate with her, and let her know you will always be there for her as long as she continues to give you reasons to.