How To Pick Up The Best Ladies

First, you have to understand that no matter how great a lady is, she is just a human being like every other human being, she has her insecurities like every other person. Another thing you need to know is that when it comes to attracting women status is everything, a woman sometimes becomes attracted to a guy just because other women find the guy sexy. Apart from learning pickups which is very necessary, you have to work on your status. There are some tips on how to pick up the best ladies.

Be Confident

Confidence is a trait, but the number trait when it comes to seduction and attraction. Confidence is a charm on its own. It opens doors for you and brings respect. True confidence comes from within. It is about the image, how you see yourself, how comfortable you are in your own skin. You must learn to believe in yourself.

Carry Yourself With Respect

To attract the best ladies, you must be someone who is used to being respected or at least act like one. When you carry yourself with respect, it will show in the way you walk, talk, and relate with people in general. Learn to command respect by giving it to yourself.

Dress In A Fashionable Way

According to the saying, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Dressing fashionably will not only make people address you well but also boost your confidence. In this game where self-confidence is the number one trait, anything that will help boost your confidence

Don’t Place Her On A Pedestal

This is one big mistake many guys do that makes them lose when they try to win a beautiful girl. No matter how classy and beautiful a girl is, she knows she is just a human being like every other person. When you treat her like a queen you will do anything for, she will definitely enjoy it but in the end, she will want to go back to that person who treats her like a normal human being like every other human being. So if you want to up your game, don’t join those guys who do this and wonder why she chooses someone else.

Stop Trying To Be Romantic

Some guys have the belief that when you are with a woman you have to be romantic and show her that you care about her. The truth is being romantic will not make a woman like you, in fact, it will make you appear weak, lonely, desperate, etc. And when you try so hard it then comes off as manipulative. Instead, try to be tougher, you don’t really need them, and that is what you have to show. You have to be able to show that though she is cute and you like her, you can walk away if she doesn’t behave well or respect you, and guess what? this drive classy girls crazy because they are used to being treated too nice by almost all the guys they meet, so being treated differently attracts their attention.

Add Value To Yourself

Every woman wants to be with a guy that they perceive to have higher status than or at least the same as her. Being a high-value man doesn’t really mean having a large bank account, it’s about how you do things, how you think. You have learned to stop settling for things that are of low value. This means you have to learn to speak up when you served what you ordered. If the girl you want is acting up, call her up on it, because girls sometimes intentionally put up with actions, just to test a man. And when they test you and realize you are weak(due to the way you respond), they conclude you are not man enough for them. This doesn’t just stop with classy girls, but the things you do and the people you come in contact with. You must be able to walk away from things that tag you low value.

After you have all successfully study these tips given on how to pick up the best ladies, you will now be able to meet any type of lady you want, no matter her hotness, class, or status because you are already up there in the game too. Now that you can pick up the best ladies you should know that your ability to keep these ladies depends on your lifestyle and the quality of your living.