The Top 10 Online Dating Rules

The world we are now the internet has become a big part of our life and even the dating world. Though some people think online dating not safe, some of us still think it is a safer way of meeting potential partners. There are rules you should follow when trying online dating, you have to know these rules are in order to guide you through the process. Here are the top 10 online dating rules you should know.

Don’t Use Your Name

Don’t use anything that gives away your identity, like your real name, where you live, etc. This is because you don’t know who you are going to meet online. Keep this identity away until you have met who you are chatting with in person. You can let them know that you are not revealing your identity yet. That way the person will understand that you are just being security conscious.

Don’t Try To Be Modest

When trying online dating trying to be modest is a big mistake many people make. Putting yourself down will not do you any good, saying things like “I’m just trying” will not help you, instead it will make you appear insecure and weak. This will make you sound unattractive.

Don’ Let Someone Create Your Profile Or At least Don’t Admit It

Letting a person do stuff for you will make you appear as someone who is not smart. When you have someone write your profile for you will make it seem like you as not smart enough to write yourself. So even if someone wrote it for you, don’t admit it.

Don’t Fall For A Photo

People who use flattery photos to get attention, some might use a photo of their youth just to get to you. Of course, you will use photos and messages as a means to know potential but don’t be enticed my that. Get to see and know the person first, so you don’t get disappointed.

Don’t Use Emoji To Begin A Conversation

Using an emoji will hardly get you a reply. If you want an instant reply start a conversation a couple or three sentences and include a question at the end, this will steer a response then you can continue from there.

Don’t Wait A Couple Of Days Before Calling

Playing the ‘wait forever before calling’ game doesn’t apply to online dating. If you get a potential number, call them immediately or the following day.  Because wasting time may just be interpreted as a sign of unseriousness.

Choose A Safe Place For The First Date

In as much as you have been talking to a person for a while doesn’t make the person good. When planing a first date with someone you meet online, try to be security conscious. Choose a place that is safe and if you are not sure of the person, take a friend along with you.

Don’t Share Too Much About Yourself Too Early

Just know that person is not real until both of you have met. Try to keep your personal details away. Don’t get too excited and start revealing everything. Learn to control your emotions.

Use A Natural Photo

Using a photo that is not natural will make you look like you are trying too hard. And that you are not good enough being natural. Avoid over flattering photo, you don’t want to meet your potential looking anything less than what they see on your profile. Also, avoid using sexy photos, these include off shirt photos, half-nude photos, etc. It will just make you seem desperate.

Don’t Use Only One Picture in Your Profile

Using only one picture in your profile is telling potentials that you are not serious. People will want to see more. Using just pictures will give them the impression that you might not the person on the picture, or that is not exactly what you look like. Try to use three or more pictures, so no one will have doubts.

The summary of these top 10 online dating rules is, try to appear smart, confident, and less needing and avoid anything that will suggest any less. Remember the whole idea is to show them you a smart, confident, and interesting person to be with. And that is what will make you attractive.